Addressing Cleaning Labor Issues in Healthcare

Addressing Cleaning Labor Issues in Healthcare
White Paper

Best Practices: Addressing Cleaning Labor Issues in Healthcare

Labor challenges present complex issues within the healthcare community. Without staff to treat patients, important care cannot be given. The same is true of healthcare faciilty cleaning staff. EVS staff are the frontline workers that provide a level of cleanliness and hygiene that is essential to patient health and safety. Without the staff to clean the environment, patient recovery can take longer and overall health is put in jeopardy, not to mention even more costly.

Addressing cleaning staff labor challenges is critical to the safety of patients, staff and visitors. From hospitals to clinics and long-term care facilities, our research analyzes the complexities of managing cleaning labor, including staff shortages, training hurdles, and workforce retention. In this white paper we share innovative strategies and best practices, providing valuable insights to healthcare administrators, facility managers, and policymakers alike.

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