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Company Info

Who is ICE Cobotics?
ICE Cobotics is a technology and cleaning solutions company working to improve wellbeing worldwide. We design and manufacture autonomous and non-autonomous floor cleaning equipment through our affordable, all-inclusive monthly subscription, giving you access to real-time data and support from our service team. The result is greater efficiency, happier workers, and healthier environments.
Are your machines made in the U.S.? Or where are they produced?
Apart from Whiz, our machines are assembled in-house at our manufacturing facility in DongGuan, China, and distributed from our U.S., China, and European offices.


What is a Cobot?
A cobot is a collaborative robot. A cobot is designed to work alongside staff and take on the repetitive task of floor cleaning. A cobot frees up staff to focus on other high priority tasks and to focus on delivering the best customer service possible.
What is Intelligent Equipment?
Intelligent Cleaning Equipment is our line of scrubbers and sweepers that come fully equipped with cloud-based fleet management technology.
How is the equipment serviced?
The all-inclusive subscription includes service, parts, training, data, and I-Synergy fleet management software for the duration of the contract. Our in-house service team monitors machine performance to help avoid downtime. We will provide ongoing support and service during the subscription term. Service may be carried out by way of remote instruction, onsite visit or by “Swap”* model. Service includes all parts, labor and transportation to and from your facility. *swap model is specific to Whiz and Cobi 18
How long does a lithium-ion battery last and what are charging times and productivity rates?
The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 1 ½ hours of continuous operation on a single charge.
What is the navigation system within your autonomous equipment?
Cobi 18 is powered through our own navigation system created by our global team of engineers. Whiz is powered by BrainOS navigation software.
What safety features are included on the machines?
For starters, each machine in our Intelligent line of automatic scrubbers and sweepers is equipped with an emergency stop button, noise indicators, and flashing lights to indicate when the equipment is in motion. Our autonomous machines are designed using industry-leading navigation software made up of systems that include sensors and cameras working together to navigate the machine. This is in addition to noise and light indicators that alert passersby.
Does the equipment include HEPA filters?
Yes, Whiz, the autonomous vacuum, comes with HEPA filters.


What is i-Synergy?
I-Synergy is a cloud-based fleet management system that can be accessed through the app and from any location. This software allows end-users to remotely track things like machine location, machine operators, routes cleaned, amount of time used and more. I-Synergy is available on our Intelligent Cleaning Machines and Cobi 18.
How can I access i-Synergy?
I-Synergy can be accessed from anywhere on any device connected to the internet through our customized portal.
How do I get an i-Synergy username and password?
Contact our Client Care team at clientcare@icecobotics.com and they will set you up with a username and password.
What is Clean Score?
Clean Score is the latest update to our i-Synergy fleet management software, and it allows end-users to quickly identify sites that are on track to meet cleaning goals and sites that may need additional assistance. The score is a cumulative goal set by the end-user and helps managers to set clear goals and expectations for cleaning teams.
What is Whiz Connect?
Whiz Connect is a cloud-based fleet tracking system that provides real time data and key updates, all available to end users through an easy to access portal.  
How can I access i-Synergy?
I-Synergy can be accessed from anywhere on any device connected to the internet through our customized portal.
How do i get text message alerts for Whiz?
Contact our Client Care team at clientcare@icecobotics.com and they will set you up with text message alerts.
Does staff need to be certified in order to operate Autonomous Equipment?
No, our autonomous machines are incredibly easy-to-use, and our virtual resource center is easy to access and provides simple steps to get anyone started.
What is confirmed clean?
Through our fleet tracking technology and software, end users can track the use of equipment including days, times, and frequency of use. Because of this fleet tracking software, end users can “confirm” the cleaning has been done and report results to applicable persons.   
What is fleet tracking?
Fleet tracking software allows you to remotely track equipment, check productivity, and monitor where machines are located and who is operating them. This information can be saved in reports that allow you to track processes and procedures over time and make changes that increase productivity and efficiency.


What is the subscription model?
ICE Cobotics offers a long-term lease through its subscription service. Instead of having to make a large upfront payment on equipment, you subscribe to the cleaning machine for a set amount of time, make a set payment, and enjoy the added benefits of continued service provided by us. 
What is included in the subscription cost?
In addition to the machine(s) of your choosing, you’ll enjoy access to our Service team. They help trouble shoot machine alerts, give virtual demos, and help with reporting. On top of that the all-inclusive subscription includes service, parts, consumables, fleet management software and updates.
Can I purchase equipment from you or just subscribe?
ICE Cobotics offers equipment strictly through the subscription model. See why subscribing may be best for your business below! If you are still interested in purchasing, please reach out to our sister company, ICE USA.
Why subscribe vs. purchase equipment?
First, our all-inclusive subscription comes with parts, service, fleet management software and updates—all included in the set payment. The service alone can save you money and time! Our team helps to troubleshoot machine alerts and if they cannot fix an issue remotely, they will send a service technician to service the machine. Our team handles it for you and the service cost is covered. Plus, subscribing is a great way to have access to updated and new equipment more regularly, which helps decrease downtime and keeps your technology up to date without extra cost. In addition, it is hassle-free—budgeting becomes predictable and easier (there is less mess from service and parts billing). This not only frees up capital it can save money when it comes to administrative costs.
Are all parts included in the subscription model?
For the Intelligent Cleaning Equipment line and Whiz, the only thing you’ll need to cover are the consumables—at your discretion. For Cobi 18—everything is included.
How much are consumables?
Consumables range in price depending on machine type and size of consumables needed for the machine. To request pricing or to order parts, please fill out our service form.
What is the cancellation policy?
We offer multiple subscription term options so you can decide on the best option for your business. It is also possible to move a machine to a new location should the situation arise.
How long is your subscription term?
In general, subscription terms range from 1-4 years. You can learn more about our subscription terms on our subscription page.

Customer Service

How long does it take to receive my equipment?
We do our best to get your equipment to you within 3-5 business days.
What is your training program?
Our Virtual Resource Center contains training guides, videos, brochures, manuals and wall charts. In addition, you can set up a virtual training call with our Client Care team if you need additional support. To access our virtual resource center, click below.
How do I maintain my machine(s)?
Machine maintenance is so important. Each machine has its own set of maintenance needs. Please visit the ICE Cobotics Knowledge Hub to find out more about your particular machine.
Can I return my machine?
You'll want to reach out to your Account Manager to discuss setting up a return--they'll be able to support you through this.
Do you offer swaps?
We hope we never have to, but yes, we offer swaps on Whiz and Cobi 18 when necessary.
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