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Cobi 18,  Autonomous Floor Scrubber for Commercial Use
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Your Robotic Floor Scrubber for Commercial Use

Commercial floor cleaning has never been easier, more affordable, or more reliable than with Cobi 18, the compact autonomous floor scrubber that is part of our all-inclusive subscription.

Cobi is Collaborative

Support Your Team With a Cobot Co-Worker

Expand your team, increase consistent cleaning, free up your current staff to focus on better customer service. These are all things that happen when your team collaborates with Cobi 18, a robotic floor scrubber. Cobots support and work alongside staff making their job easier and the whole team more productive.

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Autonomous Floor Scrubber
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A New Way to Experience Commercial Cleaning

Never Worry About Floor Cleaning Again

Our all-inclusive subscription takes the stress out of commercial floor cleaning. Designed by cleaning professionals for cleaning professionals, we take care of the details so you can stay on track with what you do best.

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All-Inclusive Subscription

Helps You Avoid Unexpected Commercial Cleaning Equipment Costs

Avoid unexpected equipment costs and prolonged downtime with our all-inclusive subscription. ICE Cobotics' subscription includes maintenance, parts, service and software upgrades. We've got you covered.

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I-SYNERGY Fleet Management Software

I-SYNERGY Fleet Management Software Makes Managing Cleaning Simple

All of ICE Cobotics' equipment comes with i-SYNERGY fleet management so you can confirm the cleaning is done across all your commercial facilities. With i-SYNERGY, you gain access to data and reporting that helps you increase efficiency and productivity so your space is clean and healthy for all building occupants.

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Confirmed Clean

Confirmed Clean

Machine Usage Data

Machine Usage Data



Client Care Team

Increase Productivity with the Support of Our Client Care Team

Our Client Care Team is here with you every step of the way. From parts to support to deploying a service technician, our team is here to help eliminate downtime and keep you and your team cleaning.

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Autonomous & Intelligent Floor Cleaning Equipment

Always Have Top of the Line Floor Cleaning Machines

With our all-inclusive subscription, your cleaning team will be using some of the best commercial cleaning equipment in the industry. Our team has 30+ years of experience and they’ve put that knowledge into creating durable equipment and parts for you. The best part, you’ll get new equipment every time your contract is up.

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How Hospitals Can Save Money Using Autonomous Floor Cleaning Equipment

This infographic guide illustrates how hospitals can revolutionize their operations and reduce costs by adopting autonomous floor cleaning equipment.

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Health By Design: A Prescription for Creating Healthier Environments for Occupants

An E-Handbook that focuses on the importance of designing spaces that take into account the myriad of ways a building can support health and wellness for the healthcare industry.

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Best Practices: Addressing Health Care Cleaning Staff Labor Issues

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